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A week in Florida

Spent the past week in Florida and did some skating but slacked a bit by drinking and going to the beach more than we should have. This is all we got from the trip hope you enjoy.

The trip was a good time for everyone but got too caught up in having a good time drinking and missed out on some filming, but we did get a decent bit of footage for your enjoyment.

Drinks on the plane were a must have even though it was 7:30 AM we had to start it off right.

Brock being the genius out of all of us was the only one to strategically sleep through both plane rides there and back.

One room with 4 guys ended being a lil messy at times and Bobak was always the first one out and last one up.

Couldn't even tell you how much we drank and how many different beer runs were made let alone how many different beers were purchased, but hey its vacation so its all good.

The day we hit the below average DIY may have been the deadliest day to skate at 96 degrees mid day. All in all it was still a good ass time.

Bradenton skate park was possibly one of the best parks we ever been to. A van pulled up yelling free lunches, at first we questioned it, but then saw a local grab one and it ended up being a blessing on a hot ass day.

Brock supplies nothing but fiji when it comes to his water choice, and may I say its very refreshing.

This just happened to work out perfectly and was not planned at all lol.

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